Eurobot 2017/2018 – Hardware Test: Cannon

We have learned: Thorough testing is one of the most important parts. All modules of our main robot are undergoing practical tests these days. The examination of the cannon consisted of several tasks. The cannon should not only shoot the balls. The balls should be landing inside the tower. We … Weiterlesen …

Impressions: Preparation For Competitions

HOLIDAY! And we are proud to be at our school preparing for our competitions. 😉 Both teams (the one for Schüler bauen Roboter, the other for eurobot) are doing their very best. Take a look how beautiful the little one on life support parks next to its older brother.

Schüler bauen Roboter 2017/2018 #5

After an extensive period of testing we`ve found a problem, which is that our motorshield decided to go up in smoke. The head of coding is the same person that is the head of hardware. The problem has been fixed last monday by replacing the motorshield. So we are good … Weiterlesen …

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