Competition Day #2.8

Even if we didn’t win the competition, we managed to get the online presence price. We are also very proud to be the best German team again. Anyways, congratulations to HRS, CLY, CAT and GRD who competed in the final. (author: Hennis)

Competition Day #2.7

Thank you to all Blueshirts, especially Fiona, the oversea’s teams manager. Thanks alot for taking care of us. The tenth Student Robotics competition was and will ever be a good memory for all of us. Thank you. (author: Hennis)

Competition Day #2.6

We lost the second knockout match because our bot thought that cuddling with a wall would be a cute and funny idea. I don’t know, maybe robots have some weird kind of humor. Thank you for the support of all people from Germany and all around the globe who read … Weiterlesen …

Competition Day #2.5

We recently won our first knockout match. Congratulations to team KES for joining us in advancing to the next round. Hopefully the next round will also work for us. (author: Hennis)

Competition Day #2.3

After the league matches which went pretty good in our opinion, we are ready for the knockout phase. In the photo, that was taken a couple of minutes ago, we sang happy birthday because of the tenth anniversary of Student Robotics. Congratulations! Hopefully Holy Barbara, patroness of the the mineworkers, … Weiterlesen …

Competition Day #2.2

After five difficult matches with some mixed results, we realized that the bot needed some rest. Some members of our team are also exhausted, due to all the funny gestures they make during the match, to get the bot going. We are all enjoing the break and getting ready for … Weiterlesen …

Competition Day #2.1

We just realized that we used a broken gearbox on one of our motors for almost every match yesterday. We now replaced it with a new gearbox from one of our spare motors. We are currently on rank seven in the league and have 81 league points. (author: Hennis)

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