Eurobot: New Cherry Picking System

We made good progress in the last weeks, for example:

  • We wrote code for our display that will show how many points we have. We also got the wiring done to test if it actually works.

  • We implemented code for a team select. So basically, each team – green and blue – starts on a different side of the arena. At the start of the match, we press the button, and our bot will know either if we are team green or team blue.
  • We ordered array sensors so we can drive in a certain way around the arena.
  • We planned for a new system with that we can collect cherries: we designed and 3d printed ourselves a gripper. The idea behind this system is to have a motor that drives up and down. Then the arms open over a cherry, drive down, close and drive up again. In between the arms we have two aluminum plates.

(author: Lucian)

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