Eurobot: Testing of Vacuum Cleaners

In the last week we have made much progress in multiple things: we finally got the new set of rules, that we’ve already translated completely. The main changes are the distribution of points, we now only get three bonus points if a cake contains a cherry and four extra points if the cake respects the legendary recipe. Further changes are the cherry holders, they now have smaller holes to hold the cherries, so it’s easier for us to collect the orbs.

We also tested a second vacuum cleaner, which performs worse than the first one. We also tested the cleaners with two batteries, and the first one can collect the cherries in a 3 centimeters distance.

Another big step we’ve took is that we finally have a driving plate: We fixed our stepper motors, a board and the motor drivers onto it, wrote a piece of code and tested it: It doesn’t work correctly right now, but we’re looking forward to fix the issue in the next week.

Because the bottom plate we use right now isn’t very comfortable, we also designed a 3D-model of our bot: The bottom- and middle plate can be milled, so we have an accurate form of these plates. In this 3D-model we also planned the installation of the vacuum-cleaner-motor and the installation of all parts we’ll use.

To begin our plans for the next week we designed a 3D-model of a valve for our vacuum cleaners and a model of our vacuum cleaner for easier planning and installation into the new model.

(author: Emanuel)

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