CanSat: Kick-Off and First Drafts

The kick-off with the other teams took place on October 25th, at the beginning it was mainly about the rules of the competition and then the teams introduced themselves. We presented ourselves as pirates. HARRR!!! 😉

A short explanation to our mission: As pirates we depend on the open seas. And so we do as space pirates. Thus we want our satellite to take thermografic images. With the help of these images we want to find water while the satellite is slowly moving towards the ground.

And now seriously: After the destructiv flood in Germany in july, we decided that we want to try if we can locate water with thermografic images. Why? Our school is located in the middle of a flood risk area.

About our progress on the project: We created a parts list, worked out a schedule and created an initial model. Take a look:

Not many details until now. But hey… it is our first time taking part in CanSat. 🙂

(author: Catrina, Sophie)

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