Sustainable Development – Combat Climate Change and its Impacts

Another two weeks have passed, and we achieved quite a lot.

Some time ago, we tried to explain how we work in our group of four. We try to keep this structure
and still work like this. In the last few days, we developed nearly everything we need for SDG 13. That means in particular, that we designed a game on the topic of waste separation and a guessing game on the number of
emissions produced by different means of transport.

There were already two finished things, on the one hand, an informative text about the SDG 13 and on the other hand a game in which people are shown a drawn picture of a landscape and can click on the different elements they can see and so get information about the number of freed emissions. As we are trying to get to six implementations for each SDG, we still needed two more things. For that, we came up with the idea of talking about the textile industry and how this is also a big issue for climate change. In order to get the participants to be creative, we thought it would be a good thing if they would design their own clothes and show in this way what they think sustainably produced clothing could look like.

Still, there was one implementation missing. One of us searched through some materials we got from our teachers and found a great idea which she developed a little bit and prepared a game on transportation ways and fair trade. One of our teachers then pointed out that this was more for SDG 12 than for SDG 13. So now we need to find one last solution for SDG 13 and work out the idea with the textile industry.

At all times our computer scientist worked on the implementation of our ideas. At this time we can say the picture of the landscape on which you can click, is finished and works perfectly fine (including a tutorial that shows how the game works). Also, some little bugs were fixed by adding back and forth buttons to most sides.

We are confident that we can finish SDG 13 as our first complete Goal this weekend and start off with the next one by Monday.

(author: Alex, Leonie, Lydia)

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