Sustainable Development – Ensure Availability of Water

In the last two weeks, we split the group into three parts.

One of us drew the basic earthy globe who will be leading the pupils through the whole game. We then thought it would be quite nice if we had different outfits for EG, as we call him. So, our most creative mind started thinking of some solutions and managed to draw a version of EG where it wears a smock and raises a paintbrush. This one will be guiding through exercises dealing with drawing. Also, a third version was developed for exercises with experiments or something like that.

Another member of our little group continued programming the “website” we, later on, will implement into the hardware. Therefore, he published the link to this page in Gitlab, managed to build up the first two SDGs in React, and also, we found a color design we all agreed on.

The other two people of the group worked together and translated nearly every text we have so far from English to German. At the same time, they kept working on the current SDG (SDG 06 “Clean water and sanitation”). By now this project is finished, including a couple of questions, the pupils will be asked after reading the profiles of the presented projects.

In the following week, we will try to find the next SDG and correct the last few texts we wrote so far.

(author: Alex, Leonie, Lydia)

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