Schüler bauen Roboter 2018/2019 – Meeting at the university

On 24 January, we were at the Technical University Munich. We arrived before the interm meeting begins so we can take this to an advantage and we were testing our bot. sadly, the bot was driving out of the border. We have to take option on the sensors because the reflection of the white line and the black playground is very small.

The interim meeting has begun and it started with a presentation of the organisations. The focus of the presentation is the criteria points of the presentation of the teams. After the presentation of the organisation, the teams present their presentation. Many teams used plastic tracks and ramps. Some teams have already built a prototype the others have nothing. After the presentation of the teams we went on with a 3D printer Workshop. It started with a small presentation of the functionality of the 3D printer and the software. Each team prints a gear.

At the end of the meeting we were testing our bot and it successfully worked. Now we finished the software.

(author: Daniel)

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