Projekt Lerncomputer – MAI meets Sao Joao del Rei

The project we developed for Berlin was put into a PowerPoint-presentation and presented by one of our students in the school Escola Estaduao in Sao Joao del Rei, Brazil. Pedro, a member of our team presented the learning computer and interested students wanted to know more about this project. The next week, those students came together as a team to have a lesson about basic IT-knowledge such as hardware and software; additionally we did a little teaching unit about 3D-printing. After understanding how to be capable of starting such a project, Pedro and his father gave the students the opportunity to start their own project. The following idea was to build a solar panel composed of PET-bottles, which are painted black and are being heated by the sun, making it possible to heat up water. The idea was derived from the following YouTube video. The set up can, if you build it correctly, heat the water the bottles contain up to 60 degrees Celsius or around 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very useful in an area where there are no heating systems working with electricity. This is the first time we have shown activity outside Europe and we hope that the development in Brazil will continue and improve the situation of the country.

(author: Isabella, Pedro)

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