Visit of Katrin Staffler (MP)

Monday is for many people a boring day. Not for us!

We were visited by Mrs Staffler. She is a member of the German parliament. Mrs Staffler is part of the education, research and technology impact assessment committee and the European committee of the German parliament. There was a lot of anticipation about this meeting. The reason for the visit was our project winning “Lerncomputer”. We explained it to her and she was very fascinated.

Mrs Staffler also asked about our other projects and our connection to universities and if they offer workshops for groups like us. Another topic was how many schools have such teams like us and she was surprised that there is not a huge quantity of them. We were telling her of our small budget and our large degree of initiative to be able to accomplish our goals; furthermore we talked about how we manage school, private life and planning, building, programming and designing our projects.

To sum it all up:

We feel honored that a member of parliament shows interest in our effort, hard work and teamwork. Thank you a lot for your visit, Mrs Staffler!

(author: Christopher)

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