Projekt Lerncomputer #1

The robotics club has been part of our school for many years. At the moment we are 23 members of mixed gender. Our team consists of pupils from year 7 to 12. In former years we successfully took part in the international “Student Robotics” competetition in England, which unfortunately is paused for this year. This, coupled with the increase in popularity of our club, made us look for multiple alternatives.

Seven pupils from our robotics group want to develop an educational computer. Assessing the possibilities of foreign aid in the area of education is one of our main goals. There are big differences regarding age and technical background of our members: there is a gap of 6 years between our oldest and our youngest member. And while some of us even own a personal 3d-printer others have never written a line of code, this will most certainly provide a challenge for us.

General requirements: We plan to use a raspberry pi and as energy supply a solar panel combined with a power bank. We want to design a rugged case for the computer.

(author: Emmanuel)

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