Gold and Silver….

On 26th October, the official rules of “Student Robotics 2020” were released. The game mode is called “Two Colours”. The game challenges us to score points by collecting coloured tokens from on and around a raised platform in the centre of the arena. After collecting them we should place these … Weiterlesen …

Student Robotics kickstart event

This week we took a look at the environment of our programs we will use for modelling our robot and writing our code. On 26 October, the kick-start event of student Robotics 2020 started. The event gave us near information about the competition in England. Unfortunately the official rules aren’t … Weiterlesen …

Team setting up for SR2019/2020

As a group of 6 students we take part at the competition ‚Student Robotics 2019/2020” in the United Kingdom.We have already divided our group up in a software team who are writing the codes and a hardware team who are building and planing the robot. (author: Daniel)

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